Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy

Living well on less in a tough economy –  over 150,000 copies sold

The Debt Free Squad wants to highly recommend reading this book if you are a dual income family and one of you would like to become a stay at home parent.  Jonni McCoy lived in the San Francisco Bay area and was a career woman who received much joy from her work and was providing half of the family income.  After their first child was born, Jonni felt God tugging on her heart to stay home and raise the family.  She worked part time at first but eventually took the plunge and quit her job while still living in the Bay area.  They were not getting by on 50% less income so she was forced with going back to work OR reducing expenses.  When calculating the budget they didn’t realize how many hidden costs would disappear when not working.  They no longer had child care, taxes, gasoline, parking, convenient foods (too tired to cook), lunches out, office clothes and the list goes on.  Some financial experts had calculated the cost of worki
ng as $9-$25 per hour.  She was inspired by the challenge of reducing their budget instead of increasing the salary.

Testimony of their Journey

There is nothing theoretical in this book.  It is a testimony of their journey.  They were a two-income yuppie family that chose to make a lifestyle change.  Maybe saving money can be your means to an end.  It is a job you perform to afford the opportunity to stay at home.  Jonni believes in putting your effort to work where it will save you the most.  That is why the book is organized as it is – from the greatest savings opportunities to the least.  Groceries are the first and largest topic she will discuss because it is where families can save the most.  Cutting your food budget by 50% is very realistic if you follow Jonni’s infamous Eleven Miserly Guidelines.  These were originally notes she had kept in a binder for herself for reducing the grocery budget.  Friends kept borrowing her notes, wanting to learn how to save money.  With the encouragement of friends, she wrote some articles, then the first edition of, Miserly Moms.  Jonni found many helpful resources to reduce the budget shortage and especially enjoyed the classic cookbooks written in the late 1800’s to the 1930’s on how to make things yourself – cereals, jams, etc.

Coming Home Stories and More in this book

In this book Jonni shares some heartwarming stories from Mom’s deciding to quit their jobs to become stay at home Moms.  Coming home can bring a calm to the family:  a peaceful stability rather than a rushed schedule, and the kids can rely on a parent to be there when they are in need.  There is nothing more devastating to a child than to be told he can’t come home even though he doesn’t feel well because a parent doesn’t have any more time off.  The rewards are fleeting compared to the rewards of raising and shaping a future adult.  In addition, Jonni shares, Ten ways to get kids to save, getting the spouse involved, medical expenses and insurance, and various ways to make extra money.  She answers the five questions she is asked most often and even offers some menu plans.  Using her menus, it is possible to feed a family of four for about $65 per week. (2009 figures)

Jonni’s tips, tactics, and recipes are so easy that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of them before.  Stay tuned for Jonni McCoy on the Debt Free Squad video series on Cutting your food budget.  Take the time to check out our FREE 40-week series, Becoming Debt Free, God’s Way.”

“In this day of two-income families, Miserly Moms offers a refreshing look into the possibilities of having a stay-at-home parent.  Today’s families can live a full and joyful life, even on limited means.  With warmth, humor, and candor, McCoy shows us how!”      Deborah Taylor-Hough, author of Frozen Assets:  How to cook for a day and eat for a month.

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