Christy Harvey grew up in a very loving family who were always there for her but had their share of money struggles. Christy wanted to find out what the Bible said about money because she saw how damaging debt can be. When she studied scripture there was nothing positive about debt – everything was negative. Christy started saving as a teenager because she never wanted to have debt and that included paying cash for a house.

Mike Harvey grew up in a home where his parents had gone through a course on God’s view of debt and latched on to a verse in Romans 15 that said, “Owe no man anything , but to love him.” Mike wanted to live his life according to God’s word.

Part of the reason Mike and Christy wanted to pay cash for a house was because of their faith and they wanted to trust in God to provide. They didn’t want to put their faith in a bank or credit card.

Their idea was to live Debt Free and not have something before they earned it. What a great idea!!

What are your thoughts on paying cash for a home?

Debt Free Coaching

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